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Taniec - Tańce w kręgu


In spring, the old goddess of winter becomes the virgin goddess or the bride.  The Sun's warmth is increasing, the Earth energy is rising, it is the start of the birth of young animals, seeds are sprouting and shoots are shooting.  Hope is in the air and our spirits are rising with the greening of the land and the promise that it brings.  It is a time of energy that has to be balanced with calmness.  Let us celebrate this wonderful season in Circle Dance, visualisation and having fun together. Circle Dances are international folk dances done in a circle holding hands.  No partner or previous experience is necessary.  The music and movement combine to create an opportunity for each of us to find out more about ourselves.


LYNN FRANCES has been teaching Circle Dance since 1983, making her one of the most experienced Circle Dance teachers in the UK.  It has been an important influence in her personal development.   She has an ability to create a magical atmosphere in which to have fun and to come to a greater self-awareness.  She has built an international reputation for her ability to put people at their ease and for her imaginative use of the dances to investigate aspects of life.  She has taught in Poland on many occasions in the past and is excited to be returning.


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